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biography of great people

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Doctors considered him to be intellectually disabled as well. However, his mother continued to speak to him, work with him, and try to teach him. One day, he famously snatched a piece of chalk from his sister with his left foot to make a mark on a slate. At about five years old, only his left foot responded to his will. Using his foot he was able to communicate for the first time. He is most famous for his autobiography my left foot, which was later made into an Academy Award-winning film of the same name.

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Disability: Polio, frida kahlo was a renowned Mexican painter who created striking paintings, most of order them being self-portraits reflecting her pain and sorrow. She painted using vibrant colors that were influenced by the cultures of Mexico. She was the first Mexican artist of 20th century whose work was purchased by an international museum. Kahlo contracted polio at age six, which left her right leg thinner than the left, which Kahlo disguised by wearing long, colorful skirts. It has been conjectured that she also suffered from spina bifida, a congenital disease that could have affected both spinal and leg development. Although she recovered from her injuries and eventually regained her ability to walk, she was plagued by relapses of extreme pain for the remainder of her life. The pain was intense and often left her confined to a hospital or bedridden for months at a time. 5, christy Brown, june 5, 1932 september 7, 1981. Disability: Cerebral Palsy, christy Brown was an Irish author, painter and poet who had severe cerebral palsy. Born in Crumlin, dublin presentation to parents Bridget and Paddy, he was one of 13 surviving children (out of 22 born) in a catholic family. He was disabled by cerebral palsy and was incapable for years of deliberate movement or speech.

He studied in vienna under the guidance of mozart. By his mid-twenties he had earned a name for himself as a great pianist known for unpredictable and brilliant improvisations. In the year 1796 beethoven began losing his hearing. In spite of his illness he immersed himself in his work and created some of the greatest works of music. Beethovens finest works are also the finest works of their kind in music history: the 9th Symphony, the 5th piano concerto, the violin Concerto, the late quartets, and his Missa solemnis. And he achieved drinking all this despite being completely deaf for the last 25 years or so of his life. 6, frida kahlo, july 6, 1907 july 13, 1954.

biography of great people

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His paintings have immensely contributed to the foundations of modern art. In his 10 year painting career he produced 900 painting and 1100 drawings. Some of his paintings today are the most expensive: Irises was sold for.9 Million and Portrait filsafat of Doctor Gachet was sold for.5 Million. Vincent Van Gogh suffered depression, and in 1889 was admitted to a psychiatric hospital. His depression worsened over time and on July 27, 1890 at the age of 37 Van Gogh shot himself in the chest. He died two days later. His last words were the sadness will last forever. 7, ludwig van beethoven, disability: deaf, beethoven is widely regarded as one of the greatest composers in history. He gave his first public performance as a pianist when he was only 8 years old.

Disability: Blind, at the age of nine, runyan developed Stargardts Disease, which is a form of macular degeneration that left her legally blind. Marla runyan is a three time national champion in the womens 5000 meters. She won four gold medals in the 1992 summer Paralympics. In the 1996 Paralympics she won silver in the shot put and gold in the pentathlon. In 2000 she became the first legally blind paralympian to compete in the Olympic games in Sydney, australia. She holds various American records such as 20,000 road (2003 All-female marathon (2002 500m (2001), heptathlon (1996). In 2001, she co-wrote and published her autobiography no finish Line: my life As i see it 8, vincent Van Gogh, disability: Mental Illness. Vincent Van Gogh was a dutch painter and is regarded as one of the greatest painters the world has ever seen.

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biography of great people

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The stories of the above personalities prove only one important fact it takes more than courage to face the adversities to win over and be victorious. If they could do it, so could you! It is a great achievment for any man to perform extraordinary acts but it is even more so when this is done despite a terrible disability. This list looks at 10 people who have made a major mark on society through their actions or through succeeding against all odds. 10, sudha Chandran 1964, disability: Amputee, sudha Chandran was born to family in Chennai, south India. She completed her Masters in Economics from Mumbai.

On one of her return trips industry from Mumbai to Chennai she met with summary an accident resulting in the amputation of her right leg. She was given an artificial leg and despite this terrible disability, she became one of the most accomplished and acclaimed dancers of the Indian Subcontinent. She has received and still receives invitations to perform all over the world. She has been honored with numerous awards and has performed all over the world. She appears often on Hindi television and in films. 9, marla runyan, january 4, 1969.

Marla runyan - stargardts Disease. Profession - professional Runner, marla runyan developed Stargardts Disease at the age. This left her blinded for the rest of her life. However, she took the stick of courage and emerged out as a national champion 3 times in women's 5000-metres race. She won medals and accolades at various national and international sporting events. Stevie wonder - blind, profession : Musician, singer.

Marlee matlin - deaf. Profession : Actress. Ralph Braun - muscular Dystrophy. Profession : Businessman, founder and ceo of Braun Corporation. . John Hockenberry - Spinal Cord Injury, profession : journalist, author, 4 times Emmy Award Winner. Tanni Grey-thompson - Spina bifida, profession : Wheelchair Racer.

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Despite being deaf, beethoven turned out to be one of the biggest composers of all time. He was guided by mozart and studied piano. He was famous for his brilliant and dubious improvisations. Sudha Chandran - amputation, profession - dancer, sudha Chandran met with a terrible accident one time that resulted in the amputation of her right leg. Despite report the crushing disability, chandran emerged as one of the most acclaimed and influential classical dancers in India. Frida kahlo - polio. Profession - painter, kahlo suffered from polio. Despite her physical disability, she was one of the most celebrated painters in all of Mexico. Her painting mostly includes self-portraits, landscaped and figment of imagination.


biography of great people

for hours, with pebbles in his mouth. Eventually, he became of the most admired orators in history. Vincent van gough - mental Illness. Profession - painter, vincent Van gough was one of the most admired and influential painters to have walked the face of the earth. He suffered depression and was hospitalized. Although he killed himself, his paintings remained as one of the marvelous crafts of all time. Beethoven - deaf, profession - composer.

Few years after being out of college, nash starting developing signs of schizophrenia. However, the illness never affected his love for mathematics. His work on geometry and partial differential equations is still considered as outstanding. Christy Brown - cerebral Palsy. Profession - poet, painter and Author. Brown was challenged with cerebral palsy. Until the age of 5, he wasn't able to respond on his own will. Only after that, his left foot was responsive as opposed to the whole body. He is a celebrity author for his autobiography 'my left foot'.

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Stephen Hawking is a well-known celebrity in academics and recipient of numerous appreciations: Honorary fellow of the royal Society of Arts, Presidential Medal of Freedom and lifetime member of the pontifical Academy of Sciences. Despite being challenged by motor neuron disease, he is one of the most admired scientists in physics, with numerous books and publications under his vegetarianism belt. Helen Keller - blind and deaf. Profession - lecturer and Activist, keller was the first ever to earn Bachelors in Arts. She was also a political activist and a celebrated author in America. She was one of the leading hands in founding American civil Liberties Union (aclu). John Nash - schizophrenia, profession - renowned American Mathematician. John Nash suffered from paranoid schizophrenia.

Biography of great people
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  2. People, who Credit Their teachers. Williams was a young man who could go either way, down a dark path or a great one. Famous, people of All Time; Successful, people, who rose From failures; Here, we look at 15 most successful personalities with disabilities who rose above even the fully functional people to claim their fame.

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  6. Biography movie ratings and member movie lists. Biography movies are updated daily. An autobiography is a first hand experiences of the authors written by the authors, thus, making them interesting to the readers and enabling them to understand the other, unseen side of the authors. Autobiographies are mainly written by famous persons.

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