Great listing presentations

10 Fantastic Listing Presentation Examples for real Estate Agents

great listing presentations

7 of the best Sample listing Presentations on The Internet

SmartArt Graphics (Diagrams) - learn how to use microsoft. SmartArt graphics in PowerPoint 20 for Windows, and in PowerPoint 2011 for Mac. Tables - learn how you can work with tables within different versions. Troubleshooting - learn how to troubleshoot some of the powerPoints caveats and issues. Working with Other Programs - learn how to use powerPoint with other programs such as Excel, word, or online content from google. Share and Prepare - learn how you can share your presentations with others, and how you should prepare them before sharing.

How to Create The Ultimate real Estate listing Presentation

Microsoft Office applications such as Word, Excel, and PowerPoint. Themes, templates, masters, and layouts - learn about how you can use, create, and share Themes that work in PowerPoint, resume word and Excel. We also explore masters, Slide layouts, and Templates for PowerPoint. Fills, lines, and Effects - learn about the fascinating fills, lines, and effects that PowerPoint lets you apply to shapes and most other slide objects. Pictures and Visuals - learn how you can source, insert, and enhance different types of pictures and visuals in PowerPoint. Charts and Graphs - learn how to insert and format charts in various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint also explore various chart types, and formatting individual chart elements such as axes, legends, chart templates, etc. Animations and Transitions - step by step tutorials on using animations and transitions effectively in PowerPoint. Multimedia - learn how you can add sound (audio) and movie (video) clips to your slides in various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Interactivity and Linking - learn about linking to slides, presentations, and other documents. Programming - learn about programming in PowerPoint using vba and other techniques.

Follow Jordan Cohen on Twitter @jordancohen21 m/agent-to-the-stars/. Interface and Basics - learn about the basics of working with PowerPoint slides, and get acquainted with PowerPoint's program interface, views, and version specific new features. Customize powerPoint - learn how writing you can cutsomize powerPoint interface elements and slides. Cool Stuff - learn how to create stuff that looks cool, and is useful to your audience. Explore puzzle pictures, countdown timer slides, etc. Colors - learn a few guidelines about making awesome color decisions. Text and Fonts - learn techniques on working with text, and formatting fonts in various versions of Microsoft PowerPoint. Shapes - learn how you can create and manipulate shapes in PowerPoint - knowledge of working with shapes is significant because they are the building blocks of creativity in PowerPoint. Flowcharts - learn about creating, editing, and working with flowcharts.

great listing presentations

Preparing a listing Presentation - real Estate tips

For her part, dougherty says Cohen makes working with high-stakes transactions fun by infusing his infectious sense of humor. But he knows when to get down to business, she says. When it comes to time at home, cohens just as committed. He is always clear about one thing: His family becky, his wife of 21 years, and their children (Cameron, 18, and Cassidy, 15) always comes first. And because he makes himself available for every showing appointment, he keeps that balance in check by carrying no more than 10 listings at a time. Ive coached every sport my son has played in, and ive never missed a practice or game, cohen says. I rarely do evening listing appointments for a reason. My clients dont expect me to work around the clock. They expect me to get the job done.

Get Better At Closing real Estate listing Presentations

great listing presentations

8 Listing Presentation Tips For The first-Time real Estate Agent

One of the most striking and surprising things about Cohen is that he hasnt let the prestige of working with wealthy clients go to his head. In hbr fact, cohen says hes more grounded gmat than ever. I havent gone and bought myself an over-the-top house or a flashy car. And I dont wear the expensive suits; I hate suits, actually, cohen says. I dont try to be someone Im not. Clients choose to work with me because i have the skills to get the job done and I deliver.

His success in real estate has made room for plenty of fun, such as annual family trips to hawaii, lakers and Dodgers games, and a guys-only sports trip each year. He also recently became a partner in a mens designer underwear line, kings and Jaxs, which is sold in more than 200 specialty stores nationwide. Finding a balance between business and his personal life is something Cohen juggles well, but not without help from his full-time assistant, Kristi dougherty, who has worked with him for eight years. She does everything aside from list, sell, market and negotiate, cohen says. I dont use social media much, but I dig Twitter thats pretty fun.

In particular, he pumped up his emphasis on showing his aggressive marketing approach. Marketing is where cohen invests a majority of time and money, ensuring that his most exclusive listings appear in luxury publications such as Unique homes, Dream Homes International, the duPont Registry and Homes land. He spares no expense when it comes to getting exposure for his luxury properties something other agents must be serious about if they want to break into the niche. Trying to save a buck is not how you become successful in luxury sales, says Cohen, adding that he gets around three calls a week from RE/max agents asking for career advice. By investing in your listings and your marketing, youre really investing in yourself.

With his winning formula, cohen earned referrals to work with nba star Kobe Bryant, hall of Fame football player Marcus Allen, tennis great Pete sampras and action movie star Sylvester Stallone, to name just a few. Cohen says that despite their enormous wealth and fame, these clients really arent all that different from other clients. The one thing that is different, however, is the greater lengths required to protect their privacy a feat made difficult in todays celebrity-obsessed climate. Its a challenge when I represent a famous buyer, and a seller thinks he or she can take advantage of my clients fame and wealth, cohen says with a slight edge in his voice. I take every precaution I can, including getting all parties to sign nondisclosure agreements and many times issuing no comment statements to the press. I pride myself on protecting my clients as best I can. You have to be yourself.

15 real Estate listing Presentation Tips for Agents - placester

He then made a decision that would change his life. In order to position myself to sell the multimillion-dollar homes, i moved my family to westlake village, says Cohen of the exclusive planned community, located in the ultra-posh Conejo valley area of western Los Angeles. I had never worked that area before, and I had to start from scratch. It was a chance i just had to take. That leap of faith, combined with farming a geographic area of exclusive neighborhoods, quickly led to more listings and more high-profile clients. Cohens tenacity isnt surprising to Olson, who saw his entrepreneurial advantages spark from the beginning. Theres no stopping Jordan when he wants a listing, Olson says. Winning iompetitive market, never complacent about his success, cohen kept fine-tuning his listing presentations as he took on more luxury listings.

great listing presentations

When Cohen was starting out, Olson says hed accompany him on listing and sales presentations to help him hone his skills. Jordan has natural selling skills, and hes a likeable person, Olson says. He has one of those personalities thats high-energy and fun to be around. I admire that hes hands-on in every single one of his transactions. Hes become a technician at listing presentations because he spent years practicing and perfecting them. It didnt take long for Cohen to get the big break that catapulted him into luxury listings for good: a 1 million buyer referral to work with nba player Don MacLean. The transaction went smoothly, and Cohens confidence in his ability to tackle the high-end market best soared.

real estate career in 1992 with an independent brokerage run by todd Olson, a seasoned real estate practitioner who had been in the los Angeles area for decades. When Olson converted his brokerage to re/max in 2000, cohen was happy to follow him. Todd was my mentor for years, and I consider him a close friend, cohen says. My loyalty to him made the decision to join RE/max easy. I also love the freedom I have with RE/max to run my business my way. I dont have a corporate structure to answer. Olson shares a similar loyalty to ensuring Cohens success.

(And he did it with a single assistant, no less.). When he thinks back to his humble beginnings, cohen cant donation help but chuckle ruefully. I was young, straight out of college, says Cohen, a re/max circle of Legends honoree. I remember failing on my first listing appointment. It hit me then and there that I needed to be better than the competition. Cohen wasted no time. He jumped into training and education with a vengeance, soaking up strategies from dozens of seminars featuring all the top coaches. He created his own language for listing presentations instead of following the canned scripts; it felt more natural that way.

Listing Presentation - breakthrough Broker

Max, agent to the Stars, whats it like to count athletes, actors and business moguls among your clients? For perennial RE/max diamond Award Club member Jordan Cohen, its just another day at the office. You might expect a man who sells some of the most exclusive and expensive real estate in the world to wear power suits while making the rounds among Hollywoods elite. But Jordan Cohen is more of a sweater and jeans kind of guy who prefers hanging at home with his family. He has a straightforward way of talking and is a charismatic joker who always has a positive game face. But behind his frank exterior and easygoing charm is a real estate success story thats as impressive as it is inspiring. Working from the bottom up, the perennial diamond Award Club member with RE/max olson associates in Westlake village, calif., has gone from selling 150,000 homes in his early days to closing an astounding 120 million in sales volume review in 2013.

Great listing presentations
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for realtors when used in listing presentations —although it is a great presentation tool for any presentation you make on your ipad. brood rearing, and general characteristics of 17 common genera of native bees occurring in the upper Midwest and Great lakes area. Explore a wide range of PowerPoint tutorials and lessons step-by-step that start from the basics and extend to the advanced level.

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  1. As a real estate agent, you need to create impressive listing presentations that grab a viewers attention. According to cohen, the key to real estate success, hands-down, is winning 10 times out of 10 on listing presentations. Listing of presentations and panel discussion videos UTs. Brenner shares six characteristics of a great journalist.

  2. Section 2 The Structure. Great, listing, presentation The 13 steps in a great listing presentation about listing presentations and. go on, listing, presentations and many of them say the same things and offer the same solutions to getting a home sold for Top Dollar.

  3. August 7 presentations with an exploration of the dazzling art, unique animation style and technical achievements of Sony pictures. SlideShare is a great place to promote attractive, useful presentations to get the visibility you need. This is great to play while driving to the listing appointment and will certainly improve your closing skills.

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